Niche Marketing

Marketing StrategyThere is a saying in the marketing business: “Market narrowly, deliver broadly.”

This means to narrowly define your market niche. There are many niches in dog consulting:

  • Children
  • Aggression
  • Agility
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Etc.

Think about your market, think about what you seem to be doing a lot of, and think about what you enjoy. Considering these three things, you can develop a market niche.

Once you’ve developed a niche, you have a very defined market to target. You can think about the magazines they read, the media they watch and listen to, where they shop, and so on. This can really help with your advertising dollar, as well as basic marketing. You can put your energies and dollars into very specific venues which will give you a better return on investment.

But, going back to the saying, “market narrowly, deliver broadly,” the beauty of having a market niche is that you don’t have to delivery solely to that market! If you do a good job for someone within your target market, chances are they have a friend outside your market – and they’ll refer you!

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