Become a Professional Dog Trainer Testimonials

professional dog trainerWhile this may sound overly dramatic, I have to tell you that the Become a Professional Dog Trainer course has absolutely changed my life. The mix of online convenience and Facebook support coupled with the reliable, extensive and well-organized information has been more beneficial than I could have imagined.

This is not just a course in dog training. This is true professional development. In other words, I am not only a more knowledgeable trainer. I am a better thinker, a more effective communicator, a more polished professional and a much wiser woman. I cannot thank you enough for the effort you put into teaching and I will be forever grateful for your willingness to share your professional experience and insight.

Cindy Bruckhart
Puppy Playhouse
Portland, Oregon

Professional dog trainerThanks to Raising Canine’s Become a Professional Dog Trainer course, I confidently opened my own dog training and behavior consulting business. My business has been very successful, and I owe that in large part, to the excellent education I received from Susan Smith.

In just under two years, I’ve been able to purchase my own facility and will now be able to offer dog daycare, private appointments, retail products, and a large variety of group classes thanks to several excellent trainers who work for me.

Of course, you never want to stop learning, and Raising Canine’s webinars are another great opportunity for continuing education, but I can’t say enough good things about the solid foundation I received from the Become a Professional Dog Trainer course – a foundation that I and my business can continue to build on because it’s strong enough to support anything and everything that I can possibly dream of for my future.

Kim Lutz
Kim’s Canines
Warrenton, Missouri

Professional dog trainerI was so happy to review your Become a Professional Dog Trainer course. The information is accurate and based on proven science, not myth and passing fads.

At Buddy’s Chance Dog Training in Austin, Texas, we’ve had a number of dog training students come mentor with us after taking courses with another very popular dog trainer’s school. I have to say, they do not have nearly the quality of education and the depth of information that your students receive – and your enrollment fee is significantly lower than theirs! Your Become a Professional Dog Trainer course will help prepare students with the knowledge they need to become true professionals. If you have students in Austin, we would love to have them apprentice with us after they complete your  Become a Professional Dog Trainer course – I know they’ll meet our high standards!

Cara Shannon
Buddy’s Chance
Austin, Texas

Professional dog trainerI had researched several other programs before picking Susan Smith’s Become a Professional Dog Trainer Course. I liked the flexibility that the on line course offered and the fact that the program was so comprehensive covering all the topics needed for the CPDT-KA exam. Plus another benefit no other programs offered is the interaction on Facebook, allowing us to benefit from Susan’s expertise. We discuss learning theory, behavior, client issues and any other issue that we might have. You will not find another course out there that offers everything that Susan Smith’s course has.


Sandy Wishnick
All Paws Pet Training
Perkiomenville, PA

After working 30 years for corporate America, I decided it was time for a new career path. After a great deal of research I selected Raising Canine’s Become a Professional Dog Trainer course offered by Susan Smith. My experience with Raising Canine has been enlightening, educational and fulfilling. Raising Canine has a well structured course and course resources that develops a person into a well balanced, knowledgeable trainer. Once the course has been completed, Susan does not say good-bye and best wishes. She continues her relationship with her students on the Facebook page sharing experiences with various types of cases. I now have the confidence to train on a level that I don’t believe would have been possible with other online courses. I would highly recommend Raising Canine’s educational and training program to anyone serious about making a difference in the companion animal world. Thank you, Susan, for developing Raising Canine and for being so dedicated.

Sharon Hirschler
K9 Manners in Motion
Denton, TX