Professional Dog Trainer: Tips from a Veteran

Ah, these young, dog trainer, whippersnappers have it so easy. Back when I was learning how to become a professional dog trainer, I used to walk 18 miles in the snow, carrying 40 pounds of dog treats, wearing flip flops, with a clicker the size of a TOASTER … er, not really.

My goal is not to come across as a grizzled, old, veteran dog trainer who paid her dues while everyone starting in the dog training profession today has it easy. Rookie trainers face many challenges when entering the industry. This is hard work to get into, and even harder to do it well. The benefits new trainers have today include many more educational opportunities than were available when I started more than 25 years ago. And, you have old … er, vintage dog trainers like me who are willing to help you learn the ropes!

Join me October 9 at 10 a.m. Central for the live webinar, Things I Wish I’d Known When I First Became a Professional Dog Trainer, offered by Raising Canine. You’ll get tips that some of us veterans learned the hard way, on topics including dogs, clients, and business. If you’re just starting your journey as a dog trainer, or if you’re thinking about getting into the field, this webinar is definitely for you. It will also be great for those considering making the leap from other jobs into training dogs full time.

This webinar, by Teoti Anderson, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP for Raising Canine will be live October 9 at 10 a.m. Central. If you join us live you’ll be able to ask questions. If you can’t join us live, no worries. You can purchase the webinar for listening later. Real-life tips for the professional dog trainer industry via webinar — technology I certainly didn’t have when I started out! Take advantage today!

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