Starting a Dog Training Business To Do List

You love dogs, have a talent for teaching, and have decided you’d like to start a dog training business. Now what? Here are a few brainstorming items to consider.

1.       Training Skills

This includes developing training plans, the creation of which relies upon an understanding of learning theory and dog behavior. Consider a professional dog training course to improve your understanding of theory. Have you developed and maintained good mechanical skills that facilitate implementation of training plans?  Do you have methods and a philosophy that are consistent and ethical?

2.       Coaching Skills

Remember the people component and brush up on your coaching skills. Are you comfortable presenting information? Modeling skills to clients? Fielding a variety of questions? Become a Professional Dog Trainer offers a training module for client coaching and training humans.

3.       Business Model

In-home training, day-training, and/or group classes. Deciding on the products and services that you’re qualified and ready to offer, is an important step.

4.       What are your marketing skills?

Consider where your strengths are and what you’ll need to hire out. Can you create and update your own website? Are you comfortable with social media? Are your strengths in speaking in front of large crowds or smaller, more intimate groups.

5.       The Business

Look at the different business types, sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership, etc. Your Secretary of State web site is a good place to start. How will you keep your books? Will you rely upon other workers or just yourself? Investigate your insurance options.

6.       Facility Space

Will you need your own space or focus on in-home options? If you do need facility space, consider the local options of rental, purchase, office share, or other creative options.

In addition to a professional dog trainer course, consider Raising Canine’sHow to Run a Dog Business” series of webinars.

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