Fun Dog Training Games Keep Clients Training

One of the challenges many professional dog trainers’ clients face is a very busy schedule with limited time for training. Helping your clients to incorporate training into their daily lives and giving them fun dog training games makes the chances for compliance much greater. Linda Michaels’ blog entry “The Grazing Game” provides a number of quick and easy food games based on the concept of grazing, the scattering of kibble for a dog to hunt and then eat.  Michaels also lists a number of benefits to utilizing the grazing game.

Other time saving and motivating tips for your clients include:

  1. Use food toys when possible for feeding meals. For more information on how to get your clients started on food toys successfully, read our blog post “Stuffed Toys: What’s Inside Your Toy?” And for some tips on choosing the right toy, check out “Fun With Food.”
  2. Keep training sessions between 3 and 5 minutes. Commercial breaks work great!
  3. Keep training rewards scattered through the house, so that there are rewards handy when there’s a spare moment to train.
  4. Schedule time to train. With some clients, just actively allowing time in their schedule is enough to get them rolling with training.
  5. Pick activities that are enjoyable for the dog and the client. The more fun it is for both, the more sustainable the behavior will be. Tricks, walks, scent games – have your client try a few different activities until they find a good fit.

Help your clients to keep training fun, short, and accessible, and you’ll have better compliance, happier dogs, and happier clients.

Time saving and motivating tips for dog training clients using fun dog training games and a little planning.

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