Snake Avoidance: To Shock or Not to Shock

Venomous snakes are a serious problem for pet owners in many geographic areas in the United States. The most readily available method for snake avoidance training has been with a remote electronic collar. Is this training safe, effective, and of a type that you as a certified professional dog trainer can ethically recommend?

Trainers certified through the CCPDT agree to abide by certain ethical standards embodied in their Human Hierarchy document. The least aversive method possible is utilized to achieve desired training results, and the health and safety of the dog is of primary concern. Is utilizing shock the least aversive method possible? Read Linda Michaels comments on this topic, and read about some alternatives to shock in Michaels’ blog post “UT Pet School: Snake Avoidance.” Michaels is an expert in force-free, science based methods for addressing dog behavior problems in the San Diego area

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