Where are your credentials?

One thing that is often sorely missing from professional dog trainers‘ websites is an About Us page or a page that describes their background and credentials. When you begin your dog training career, it’s important to build credentials that you can count on. Begin by attending a dog training school that will get you the scientific knowledge you need to be a professional dog trainer. Next, work with other dog trainers to gain experience or have a mentor whom you can discuss cases and issues with, as we do in our weekly phone calls with our dog training students. After that, work towards earning an independent certification, such as the CPDT-KA designation. Last, make sure that you are continuing your education on an annual basis.

All of this information should then be readily and easily available for your potential clients on your website. Use an About Us page to describe your credentials and background and to describe your training methodologies, any professional organizations you belong to, and the continuing education that you engage in each year.

If you’d like to learn more about how to become a dog trainer, please visit https://becomeaprofessionaldogtrainer.com.

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