Become a Professional Dog Trainer Module on Dog Training

Learning to become a professional dog trainer is not just about theory; you also have to have the skill to apply that theory! In the Training module you take all that theory and start applying it in real life. You will train at least one dog through common basic obedience exercises, do some desensitization exercises and learn the advanced training techniques which will get you fast, reliable results in your career as a Professional Dog Trainer. Training is not a mystery – it’s a skill, and if you understand how to do it, and practice your skills, you will be a good trainer.


Animal Ed will work to find a trainer in your area with whom you can mentor. This is not always possible, but we will help you pick an appropriate trainer if one is available; if we can’t find a trainer we will teach you the skills you need to find a good mentor on your own. Animal Ed will not be involved in any financial or other arrangements you may make with a mentor, beyond giving advice if asked.

Remember – you must take How Animals Learn or pass the How Animals Learn final exam with a score of 80% or better before taking this module.

professional dog trainer school

Training $
Phone Call* $

There is no phone call option available for purchase of individual modules.

A certificate of completion for the Professional DogTrainer course will not be issued until all modules are complete.

If you purchase all modules at once, you’ll save $1,030.00. Here’s how it breaks down:

How Animals Learn + Phone Call $
Dog Behavior + Phone Call $
The Humans + Phone Call $
Training + Phone Call $
Business + Phone Call $    575.00
Ethics + Phone Call $    575.00


The phone call is free if you purchase the entire course, so the entire Become a Professional Dog Trainer course, including the phone call, is only $2,500.00 so that’s a savings of 29%!

Logistical Stuff

*Because there is no way to separate the topics on the phone call, if modules are purchased separately, there is no access to the phone call. In the chart above, the value of the phone call estimated at approximately $100.00 per month (2 calls per week).