Become a Professional Dog Trainer’s Telephone Based Training

This is where it all comes together. During the phone calls, we take the theory and apply it to real life situations. Because everyone taking the Become a Professional Dog Trainer course is at a different place in their experience and education, we all learn from each other. The Telephone Based Training is the biggest benefit of this course – even if you feel you understand the concepts of the course, the Telephone Based Training really brings it all together and illustrates how the concepts can actually help you be a better dog trainer and consultant. This is where you have an opportunity to get valuable one-on-one feedback and help from your instructor.

The Become a Professional Dog Trainer students who participate in the calls do much better with the coursework and final exam than those who do not; therefore, the Telephone Based Training is required. The Telephone Based Training is key to your success at a career in dog training!

Unfortunately, we can’t separate topics during the phone calls; dog behavior, learning theory and client compliance are so intertwined, that we often discuss all of these topics at the same time. Therefore, the phone call is not available to those purchasing a single module.

Of course, the phone calls are included at no cost if you purchase the entire Become a Professional Dog Trainer course.