Become a Professional Dog Trainer Module on Professional Ethics

Ethics covers:

  • History of Ethics
  • Philosophy of Ethics
  • Different Ways to Make Ethical Choices
  • Ethical Dilemmas


When we become a Professional Dog Trainer, you are working with living creatures and must sometimes make hard decisions. Ethics is a field of study all on its own, and is usually not well understood by the general public. This course gives you a solid background in how to make ethical decisions, as well as lots of food for thought with case studies.

Remember – you must take How Animals Learn or pass the How Animals Learn final exam with a score of 80% or better before taking this module.

running a dog training business
Ethics $
Phone Call* $

A certificate of completion for the Professional DogTrainer course will not be issued until all modules are complete.

If you purchase all modules at once, you’ll save $1,030.00. Here’s how it breaks down:

How Animals Learn + Phone Call $
Dog Behavior + Phone Call $
The Humans + Phone Call $
Training + Phone Call $
Business + Phone Call $    575.00
Ethics + Phone Call $    575.00


The phone call is free if you purchase the entire course, so the entire Become a Professional Dog Trainer course, including the phone call, is only $2,500.00 so that’s a savings of 29%!

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*Because there is no way to separate the topics on the phone call, if modules are purchased separately, there is no access to the phone call. In the chart above, the value of the phone call estimated at approximately $100.00 per month (2 calls per week).