Become a Professional Dog Trainer Frequently Asked Questions

How does the course work?

There are 3 elements to this course – the on-line portion, the text books, and interaction with your instructor. We know that different people have different learning styles and, in our school for dog trainers, we’ve tried to cover as many of those styles as possible. Here’s a brief description of the role each element plays in your learning experience.

On-Line – The lecture, homework and quizzes are all on-line. In the Professinal Dog Trainer How Animals Learn module, the lecture follows the textbook exactly. The other modules do not follow the text as closely, so you can read the text and view the on-line lecture each at your own pace.

Text Books & DVD – Each module has one or more text books; the Become a Professional Dog Trainer Training module also has a DVD. The text books and DVD should be read or viewed while you are studying the associated module. The different perspectives will help you understand the material. Also, there will be quiz questions from the books and DVD.

Phone Call – There are two phone calls per week – one on Thursday morning and one on Thursday evening. The phone call is the Q&A section of the course. During the phone call we talk about whatever the students want to discuss. This is where we take the theory and show how it applies to real life – this is where it all starts to make sense and you really start to become a professional dog trainer! Students are required to attend at least 2 phone calls per month unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.

What is the Mastery Model?

The “mastery model” started in the 1920s, but didn’t really come into its own until the 1960s and 1970s. The idea of the mastery model is that education is divided into units, and students don’t move from one unit to the next until they have mastered the material. Part of the thinking is that it may take students learning under this method longer to master the initial units, but because they have a thorough grasp of the core concepts, they will move through the advanced units more quickly.

Can I make payments on the enrollment fee?

Raising Canine offers financing options which will work with your budget! To learn more about payment options, contact us at either 512-916-4007 or

If you finance your enrollment, there is a one-time Application Fee of only $50.00.

How is your course different from other courses?

Most schools for dog trainers require in-person attendance which is expensive and time consuming; many people are simply not able to take the time needed to attend these in-person courses. Which is why we developed a remote education course to help you become a professional dog trainer. Raising Canine’s remote Professional Dog Trainer course not only teaches you how to train dogs, it teaches you to be a behavior consultant. You will learn about issues such as fear, aggression and anxiety – their causes and how to resolve the problems in the most humane and effective way. Raising Canine’s course is also the only remote education course where you have regular, quality time with your instructor – where you can ask question, get feedback on cases you’re working, get business advice, and advice on any other consulting-related issues you may have. This course is self-paced, so you have a lot of flexibility in scheduling. Finally, our course is very competitively priced. Even though the course is reasonably priced, the quality of the education you get through this school for dog trainers is, without a doubt, high quality and  the best bargain in town!

How long do I have to complete the course?

It depends on what you purchase. If you purchase:
The full course, you have eighteen months;
How Animals Learn, you have 3 months;
Dog Behavior, you have 2 months;
The Humans, you have 2 months;
Training, you have 3 months;
Business you have 2 months;
Ethics you have 1 month.

By purchasing the entire Become a Professional Dog Trainer course, you actually add 2 months to your total time!

How much does the course cost?

If you purchase all modules at once, you’ll save $1,030.00. Here’s how it breaks down:

How Animals Learn + Phone Call $
Dog Behavior + Phone Call $
The Humans + Phone Call $
Training + Phone Call $
Business + Phone Call $    575.00
Ethics + Phone Call $    575.00
The phone call is free if you purchase the entire course, so the entire Become a Professional Dog Trainer course, including the phone call, is only $2,500.00 so that’s a savings of 29%!

How do the modules work?

The Become a Professional Dog Trainer is divided into modules to help you compartmentalize your learning and give you guidelines to follow. We recommend that you purchase the entire course, and you’ll get a little bit of everything throught the course, which is the most conducive to learning. For instance you may learn a theoretical concept from the learning theory section, then your homework will give you a training exercise to illustrate that concept. If you choose to work module-to-module, we recommend you begin with How Animals Learn as this module is the foundation for everything else you’ll learn. Once you’ve completed How Animals Learn, we recommend you begin the Training module. The training module is the hands-on part of the course, and will take you some time. You can be working on this module as you study the remaining modules. The order we recommend is the Dog Behavior module, then The Humans module.

Advanced TrainingThis module will take your abilities as a dog trainer to the next level and set you apart as a Professional Dog Trainer! This module will hone your dog training skills and teach you how and when to raise criteria for a behavior that is strong and reliable.

Enroll now and these modules are included at no extra cost! Once these modules are incorporated into the course, the price of the course will go up. If you enroll before they are incorporated, you will get them free!

What about learning to train a dog – how do I do that with a remote course?

There are many ways to teach you how to train a dog remotely. Susan is very good at finding out exactly what you’re doing, so she can give great instruction over the phone. We can also use video and web cams. Web cams give real-time feedback, whereas video can be used for more in-depth analysis. We also try to find a mentor in your area to help with the practical, hands-on portion of your training. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find an appropriate mentor in your area, but we will do our best. You will compile a list of the trainers in your area; do the basic research with input from your intructor, eliminating those that are obviously not appropriate; then your instructor will investigate those that you have left on your list after your initial investigation. Raising Canine will not be involved in any financial or other arrangements you may make with a mentor, beyond giving advice if asked.

I’ve never enrolled in an on-line course, before. What should I expect after I enroll?

Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive an e-mail with a list of materials needed for the Become a Professional Dog Trainer course, as well as the access information for the on-line course and phone calls. You will need to send an ID and password before you have access to the course.