Enrichment & Exercise: Why Your Clients Need To Make The Time

Here are a few benefits to cover with your clients when encouraging them to increase exercise and mental stimulation. Enrichment is a vital component to a dog’s mental and physical health. As a certified professional dog trainer you can help your clients to understand why it’s so important to incorporate enrichment into their dogs’ daily lives.

  1. Reduce boredom. Boredom can lead to a number of problem behaviors ranging from excessive grooming/licking to nuisance barking to destructive chewing.
  2. Increased fitness and weight loss. Leaner, fitter dogs live longer and better quality lives. Mobility is increased as dogs age if they don’t carry excess weight. Heart health is improved.
  3. Sufficiently exercised dogs are calmer. Under-enriched dogs can display nervous energy that expresses itself in pacing, excessive vocalization including whining, and hyper-vigilance.
  4. Provides an outlet for natural instincts. Many games and sports incorporate natural hunting, herding, and foraging instincts.

One of the goals of your dog training business should be to help your clients get the most benefit from the best, if not least, effort. That means helping them find ways to fit enrichment into their and their dogs’ lives and finding activities that are both beneficial to the dog and enjoyable for the owner. You’re a matchmaker – matching your client dog needs with appropriate activities. See one owner’s creative solution that utilizes a toy, some moving water, and a dog’s love of fetch.


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