Review: Why Not Exercise With Your Dog? Desiree Snelleman

Why is exercise an important topic for certified dog trainers

54% of pet dogs are classified as overweight or obese according to a survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Since approximately 50% of your clientele consists of dogs that are currently overweight or likely to be overweight at some point, then it just makes sense to have some helpful tips and words of warning for clients with overweight dogs.

Not sure where to get started?

Check out Desiree Snelleman’s audio course, “Why Not Exercise with Your Dog?,” available through Raising Canine. This audio course is approximately 1 hour in length and covers some important tidbits to consider when getting starting on an exercise regimen with your dog. There is also discussion of how exercise dovetails with dog sports. 

A Few Tips from Desiree…

Consider the following when making an exercise plan for your dog and yourself: duration, intensity, frequency, and mode or type of activity. For type of activity consider the physical and emotional demands of the activities you choose and the breed of your dog, as there may be some inherent traits that you can tap into.

Also, a good training program should include cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility training. And don’t forget the warm-up and cool down! Warm up can be as simple as walking, playing, jogging, or tugging – in moderation. 

Whether helping clients to get a good start on developing an exercise program or getting some tips that you can include in the classes you teach, this one hour audio telecourse is a great place to start!

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